Saturday, November 28, 2015

Coleoptera is the most diverse order of insects which include beetles. Coccinellidae is one such family consists of the beneficial beetles known as lady bird beetles. But their name dosen't indicate that these are ladies; they can be either male or female like other species. Determining sex of these beetles is not so difficult as the male is relatively short in size than female.

In the case of these beatles; Often a question arise that how a specie reproduce and runs their generation if they are ladies !! There are other insects which are pathenogentic especially some are the diet of these lady bird beetles e.g. Aphids & mealybugs.  However, this is the whole different point but isn't it unreasonable to think that in a specie only female exists ?

Its the name of this beetle which is creating all this confusion. So from where this name orginated ? In Middle Ages, Europeans named this as "beetle of our lady" because many pests particularly aphids, mealybugs had been destroying crops, So farmers prayed to their Virgin mary for help, after that miracle happened and ladybugs came to eat pests which they believed a gift from their lady.

Today, We all know the Benefits of these beetles in integrated pest management. The variation in the species of this beetle can be described by the number of spots on their wings and their color. Their shining colors like orange, red and black may be a deterrent to predators. Overall, they provide great help for garderner. 

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